Nurse Aide / Nurse Assistant / CNA Training in Partnership with the American Red Cross

Thank you to all our Moon River Nursing Careers students for their dedication and hard work! Thank you for continuing to inspire your teachers and fellow students with your hard work, positivity, and commitment to your goals. ❤️

Our Nurse Assistant / CNA Students Testimonials

“LOVED my experience here at Moon river Nursing Careers. The staff all cared a lot about making sure you succeed and doing their best to work around everyones schedules. Since I am a mom of two, this was the only way I was able to make steps towards my nursing career. Everything is at your own pace. I couldn’t rave enough about the staff. They taught very thoroughly and had so much patience. I feel blessed to have gotten my CNA cert through this company.” – Kristina A. on Google

“I would 100% recommend this CNA class to anyone who is interested! This class exceeded my expectations. Betsy, as well as the other instructors, are all greatly accommodating and flexible. They were always fast to respond and were super flexible and understanding. They offer a multitude of options for both the skills labs as well as the clinicals, so you can complete this class at whatever pace you would like. I felt amply prepared for my CNA state certification exam and am going to start as a CNA in a few weeks. After researching quite a few other Nurse Aide courses, I could not be more happy with my decision to go with Moon River. I would definitely recommend this class!” – Cate B. On Google

“Excellent CNA program. The instructors were knowledgeable and had your back all the way. Easy to tailor to your current life and schedule but still learn fast and make significant progress. I got my CNA license in three months. I felt better prepared than some of my peers I observed from other schools during the state licensing exam. Cannot recommend highly enough.” – Jeanine Hajo B. on Yelp

“Best place ever!! Amazing staff and awesome facility.” – Callie P. on Google

“I had a very positive experience here. The online content was easy to follow and interesting. The best part was the instructors for the in person part though- I really felt like they had my back and were joyful to be helping me learn. They had a good clinical program where we got to practice our skills. I feel like the school really helped to prepare me for the state exam.” – Jeanine B. on Google

“So great! The way that the program is organized can tailor to anyone’ s schedule. Each staff member is incredibly knowledgeable AND supportive (which was the most important thing for me)! They really care about your personal journey with a career in healthcare and are willing to help you out with anything. Highly recommend!” – Madeleine M. on Google

“Amazing teachers and very helpful through the whole process.” – Leilani M. on Google

“If you’re interested in becoming a Nurse Aide, I highly recommend Moon River. The classes are taught by experienced instructors who not only teaches the skills needed to become licensed, but also share their wealth of knowledge and experience so that you are prepared to be a Nurse Aide by the end of the program. I greatly enjoyed the course and am glad I went with Moon River.” – Elaine F. on Yelp

“Totally loved taking the classes , everything was well explained teachers were very helpful and always there to answer any question .Lots of hands on practicing and such a great help to get you ready for your final state exam . They would help work around your schedule and help you learn everything that’s is needed to know It was such a pleasure to get my certification done at moon river nursing career center and I totally recommend it to anyone looking forward to further their career ?” – Ana M. on Yelp


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