Nurse Aide Course Description

Moon River Nursing Careers provides step-by-step training to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). The nurse aide course has three parts. First, the classroom instruction and second, the training in the our school lab. Third, it involves going to a nursing home to work with patients. This important CNA training prepares a student to take the Board of Nursing exam to become a certified nursing assistant.

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The Nurse Aide class teaches students key skills. They receive written instruction and learn about patient care. Throughout the course, students acquire important skills. In addition, they learn about professional patient interaction, recording vital signs and observing the patient’s condition.  They also learn how to assist with personal care, bathing, dressing and feeding. Importantly,  they become familiar with how to document observations as a healthcare professional.  Finally, students are taught how to report their observations to the nurse supervisor.
Upon successful completion of the Nursing Aide course, a student is prepared to take the Virginia Board of Nursing exam to become a CNA. The next step is to prepare for employment. We assist students in creating a professional resume and in completing job applications. Instructors take time to learn about each student’s  career interests. They help them apply for jobs in hospitals, medical offices, clinics, assisted living communities, nursing homes, home health and Hospice.

Why take CNA training at Moon River Nursing Careers?

Our instructors have decades of professional experience in hospitals, care facilities, Hospice and home health. They take a personal interest in each student. In addition, review sessions with practice tests are offered to build confidence. The students are prepared to successfully pass the state exam to become a CNA.