Frequently Asked Questions

The Role of a Certified Medication Aide

1. Preparing for safe administration of medications to clients in assisted living facilities
2. Maintaining aseptic conditions
3. Understanding basic pharmacology
4. Facilitating client self-administration or assisting with medication administration
5. Following proper procedure for preparing, administering, and maintaining medications
6. Following appropriate procedures for documentation and reporting to the licensed healthcare professional on duty at the facility or to the client’s prescriber.

Who can train to become a Certified Medication Aide?

In order to enroll in the Medication Aide class, a student must have successfully completed ONE of the following:
a) Virginia Department of Social Services approved 40 hour Direct Care program
b) Virginia Medicaid approved 40 hour Personal Care Assistant (PCA) certificate
c) Virginia Board of Nursing approved Nurse Aide certification

All students are required to have completed CPR for the healthcare worker. This course is offered at a discounted price for students enrolled in classes at Moon River Nursing Careers.

How long is the Medication Aide training?

The medication aide training is 68 hours and prepares students to take the Board of Nursing exam to be a Certified Medication Aide.

How is the training structured?

  • 40 hours of classroom/lab training
  • 8 hours in facilitating client self-administration or assisting with the administration of insulin to  include instruction and skills practice
  • 20 hours of supervised skills practice in an assisted living facility.

Where can a Certified Medication Aide (CMA) work?

A Certified medication aide can work at an assisted living facility.

Is there a good job market for a Certified Medication Aide?

The Dept. of Labor Statistics projects an 11 percent annual increase in job opportunities through 2026, compared to other occupations that average 7 percent.